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Mr. Yavuz Dura, who began his professional life through the end of the 1940's, undergoes the management of our company since 1950's.

In addition to our only products of band saw and surface planing machines in the middle of 1950's,

* Log Carriage after 1959,
* Thickness Planing Machine and Four-Side Planing Machine after 1964
have been added.

From the beginning of 1990's besides the production of;
* Hydraulic Motor Log Carriage,
* Band Saw Machine
we gave prior importance to the productions below,
* Four-Side Planing and Moulding Machine,
* Parquetry Planing Machine,
* Parquetry Machine for Double End Sizing Grooving.

* And finally Wood Shavings Machines since 2008

Our company's fundamental principle is to produce lasting and useful machines, which are capable to reply the current needs.

Yours truly,

Dura Wood Working Machinery Industry & Trade Company Ltd.

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